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Tree Removal

Tree removal is an important part of maintaining your landscape whether it’s a residence or commercial property. There could be several reasons to remove a tree or trees, these may include:

  • Storm-Damaged or High-Risk Trees – Here in eastern Massachusetts heavy wet winter snow frequently damages trees. In the springtime, soaking wet soil can cause trees to topple over in high winds. And, in the summer and fall, powerful hurricanes can easily blow over even the strongest trees.
  • Dead Trees or Tree In Decline – Trees that have been damaged by gypsy moths, insect infestations, disease, or just plain old age can be an eyesore or present a danger.
  • Trees That No Longer Add To The Landscape
  • Making Room for a New Addition or Expanding Your Yard – Whether putting in a pool, tennis court, play set, expanding your lawn, adding on to your home, building a garage, expanding your driveway or any other home improvement that requires the removal of trees, we are your go to tree service.

Let Stumpy’s Tree Service arborists help you safely remove trees from your property. Our state of the art equipment and years of experience can handle any job with efficiency and the highest level of value. In addition, our modern fleet of equipment includes: three different sized cranes, bucket trucks, ASVs, chip trucks, grinders and more. We own one of the largest, most modern cranes in that area capable of safely reaching trees otherwise inaccessible to most of our competitors.

Whenever possible our estimators will advise you if your tree can be saved without the need for removal. We’re not motivated to remove trees just to make a buck, we’d rather your trees remain intact if safety is not compromised.

Contact us today for a professional consultation on your trees and see if removal is your best option.



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