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Cabling and Bracing

At Stumpy’s Tree Service, we love trees and will work with you to help save damaged trees on your property.

Some trees in the landscape may possess defects or weak spots. These areas can be due to:

  • Cavities (large holes or openings in the tree – usually along the trunk)
  • Seams or Cracks
  • Weak Branch Attachments

Some of these tree defects may have been caused by past storms or occurred as a natural imperfection within the tree. Trees with these defects are more likely to lose limbs and sustain further damage that can accelerate the decline and death of the tree.

In addition to pruning, one common and effective way to help stabilize a damaged or declining tree is to cable or brace the limbs of the tree.  Cabling or bracing the tree means that we will install a strong wire between a weaker branch or section of the tree and attach it to another section of the tree to help provide strength and structural support.  Cable bracing a tree does not typically detract from its appearance. Most wires are difficult to see from the ground but can help prolong the life of your tree and can help to save important branches.

Reach out to us today to schedule a time for one of our arborists to visit your property and assess the health of your trees to determine if cable bracing is possible and prudent for your trees.  We love to see trees that are able to stay in the landscape and not require removal.  Please note that cable bracing does not remove all of the risks of falling limbs or tree failure, but it does reduce the possibility.

Cable bracing can be done in conjunction with other tree work, such as pruning or can be completed as a stand-alone job.  Our arborists will make recommendations for cable bracing, as appropriate, in addition to other recommended work during your estimate.



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