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Stump Grinding

There are plenty of reasons to consider eliminating pesky tree stumps from your property. Tree stumps can be an eye-sore, especially when they are in the middle of your lawn or your garden beds. Additionally, tree stumps can be difficult to mow or landscape around. Stumps can even pose a tripping hazardous during backyard sports and other activities.

We are happy to help grind your stumps as part of your tree removal work or as a standalone job. During your tree removal estimate, our estimator will likely ask if you would like to have your stumps ground as part of your job. Even if we didn’t remove the tree, we can come out and grind old, existing stumps.

Like all of our work, the cost for stump grinding depends on the specifics of the job. The size of the stump and the location on your property can affect the cost. We can send an estimator out to your property to view your stumps and provide a no-obligation cost estimate for grinding. Although we are able to grind most stumps, there may be some that are not candidates for grinding. The most common reason that a stump cannot be ground is if it is located near something that would make grinding hazardous.  Buried utility lines, especially gas and electrical lines, running near or under the stump may prohibit it from being able to be ground. We always call DigSafe for our customers to have them mark buried utility lines before we come out to grind a stump. This is for both our safety and the safety of our customers. Additionally, stumps that are very near rocks, foundations and driveways may not be grindable due to the risk of damage to these structures or the stump grinder.

Stump grinding does not mean full stump removal. A standard stump grind is about 2 inches below grade. The underground parts of the stump and some of the roots of the tree will still remain below ground, out of sight.   After your stump grinding, you should be able to plant grass or mulch over where the stump has been ground down.

Our professional stump grinders look like riding lawn mowers with a large spinning wheel on the front. Most use a high-speed disk with teeth that allow it to grind the stump and roots into small wood chips.



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